Wellness Consultations & Programs with Dr. Dani

Cutting edge Wellness technology meets ancient wisdom delivered by a world leading expert in Integrative Holistic Medicine & Tailor Made just for you.

Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission is to help you reconnect, thrive and adapt better to the unique demands of modern life, specifically for issues where western medicine has failed miserably such as:

  • Low Energy, Chronic Fatigue, Low Mood

  • Poor Concentration, Stress & Overwhelm

  • Hormone imbalances & Digestion issues

  • Creativity blocks

  • Anxiety, constant thoughts and ‘worry loops’

  • Non-restorative Sleep

  • Trouble meditating and ‘letting go’

The daily low grade background stress from busy modern life affects our stress cortisol levels, the brain and body’s flight or flight system being constantly turned on and this state of being and living keeps us feeling stressed, disconnected and suffering from many health issues in the body, mind and brain.  These issues are the result of years of living overstimulated and hyperaroused all the time at a subtle level.

ZenBrainLab Programs Developed by Dr. Dani, MD

Zenbrainlab offers wellness coaching and consulting with Dr. Dani, MD, ABIHM to  give you a complete roadmap to optimal health & happiness, restore brain and body balance by fine- tuning your nervous system, brain and body.   It includes food, natural supplement and mindbody techniques tailored specifically to you using evidence based approaches without drugs.

At ZenBrainlab we also offer wellness detox home programs along with wellness coaching support and guidance from our experts.

This approach is used to address complex root causes of health symptoms in the brain and body that at the surface may seem unrelated but all have problems with autonomic nervous system (ANS) instability involving the body, brain and immune system not working together in harmony.

Dr. Dani works with clients to help finally connect ‘all the dots’ so you can heal your body and mind, enhance your mental performance and connect more deeply with yourself and your passions.

About Dr. Dani

Dr. Dani has nearly a decade of experience as a medical doctor specializing in Integrative Holistic Medicine,nutritional medicine, neurofeedback and yoga and meditation.   She completed her training at the University of Western Ontario (MD), The University of British Columbia (CCFP) and is also American Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM), one of the first Canadian physicians to achieve certification in this emerging field of evidence-based natural medicine.

Get Answers

There are many conditions and clusters of symptoms that clients have suffered with for years without getting answers, whether it is how to enhance mental performance or healing from chronic symptoms.

Wellness consultation programs includes a detailed assessment phase to find out what body systems are out of balance remove the guesswork for how to regain balance in the nervous system, brain and mind and body to allow healing to occur and you to live your fullest life.

Specific Health Issues Addressed

  • Holistic natural detox programs to boost energy, restore healthy gut function and curb food cravings and weight gain safely and effectively
  • Digestive Health: IBS, food intolerances, yeast imbalance, heartburn, constipation
  • Women's health & Hormone Balance: PMS, problems with periods or coming off the birth control pill, menopause concerns and symptoms
  • Chronic Fatigue & similar issues
  • Focus and concentration issues
  • Weight loss and problems losing weight or maintaining healthy weight
  • Recovery from Toxic Stress and Burnout Syndrome Recovery
  • Stress management and enhancing resiliency

How it Works?

This program is delivered over an initial comprehensive assessment and planning session and then follow up visits to help you stay on track and tweak things based on your progress and goals.  In general between 2-4 follow up sessions are recommended for most clients to help them achieve their goals and provide guidance and modification of the original plan as needed.  Our program is available wordwide via videoconferencing technology and at our in person wellness centres in Bali, Indonesia in Bali.

Some clients may wish to have additional follow up sessions or ‘tune ups’ depending on the complexity of their cases and needs.