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What is Neurofeedback Brain Training?

Neurofeedback uses brainwave biofeedback to actually change your brainwaves permanently by dramatically improving how well your brain + nervous system self-regulate. Because it improves self regulation at a brain level, it is also a powerful tool for healing many types of problems that have a large mind-body component such as digestion, migraines chronic fatigue and women's hormone balance including nightmare periods.

Sensors placed on your scalp detect your brainwaves. Audio feedback sounds + video visual feedback tells your brain when your brain when it is activating or suppressing the target area of the brain. Over a number of session, the brain  learns to quiet brainwave patterns causing problems and symptoms and enhance brainwave patterns associated with optimal brain function and mental and physical wellbeing. The more your brain is trained towards a new more desirable state, the more regulated and more flexible the brain becomes returning your brain and body to a state of natural balance.

What Does neurofeedback Help with?

  • Reduce Stress

    It can reduce your body and brain level of stress hormone cortisol that cause many problems in the body and hormonal imbalance

  • Increase Energy

    It can help you double your energy throughout the day without caffeine and get to sleep easily

  • Lose Weight

    It can reduce food cravings and emotional eating that leads to weight gain

  • Deepen Meditation

    It can accelerate your meditation ability & balance the mind despite daily stresses of modern life.

  • Improve Mood

    It can help you reactivate brain areas that can be under active and lead to low moods and depression so you have more positive moods

  • Enhance Learning

    It enhances your capacity for learning new information, retaining knowledge and enhances memory.

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Who Else Uses Neurofeedback?

Clinical Researchers at Harvard University + UCLA use it, NASA uses neurofeedback to train its astronauts, the US military use it to train their Special Forces and Imperial College of London requires neurofeedback in their music programs.

In 2012 neurofeedback was rated level 1 'best practice' intervention for ADHD by the American Pediatric Association, making it as effective as Ritalin, without any of the side effects.


As a rough guideline, 20 sessions can achieve excellent results at our centre in Bali. We offer an intensive 2 week program of 20 sessions of twice daily training for those in Bali for short periods of time.

Often noticeable improvements in sleep, energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing are seen in as few as 5 sessions. Studies by Lubar (1995) found that neurofeedback improvements were maintained at 10 year follow up.

(Note: All clients and brains are different and session numbers are approximate guidelines.)

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Note: Most clients start with a brain map first so we can target their neurofeedback training program to their brain and goals.

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