Neurofeedback Intensives

About Neurofeedback Intensives

We offer neurofeedback intensives at our centre in Bali allowing you to transform your brain and nervous system in a truly rejuvenating environment.

Being able to relax completely between sessions, eat nutritious food and take care of yourself has a dramatic impact on your brain and nervous system's ability to rebalance itself, compared to most urban neurofeedback centres where clients are rushing from work to home in between sessions.

Bali Location

Our location in Bali allows us to offer competitive pricing making it significantly more affordable to get more sessions in and see better results.

There are well marketed neurofeedback intensives in North America which cost $10,000 - $20,000 for 7 days and 12-15 sessions.

The number of total sessions is the most important factor for getting impressive and lasting results. This is the main issue with very expensive programs that train under 20 sessions in total but still cost over 10K.

Many of our clients who live in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia train in packs of 10-20 sessions and return to Bali to increase their total number of sessions over time.

How Often Can I Train

It is possible to train up to 3 times a day depending on the neurofeedback protocol and how the client responds, however most clients choose to train twice daily so they can enjoy their stay in Bali while getting a high number of sessions over a short trip.

Our experts will tailor your training schedule based on your brain signatures and how many days you have available for training in Bali.

Home Neurofeedback Follow Up

Many clients use our neurofeedback intensives as an introduction to supervised neurofeedback. They then choose to purchase our home neurofeedback equipment and get trained on it at our centre before taking it home with them to continue their development.


10 Session Package
20 Session Package
  • (200$ USD savings)