Brainwave Signature Assessment

Your Brainwave Signatures tell you exactly what is happening in your brain and what you can do to have more energy, focus, clarity and happiness in your life


What is the Brainwave Signature Assessment

We use advanced QEEG technology to analyze your brainwave patterns by measuring your electrical brain activity using scalp surface sensors at key locations. There are 12 key signatures that let you see your unique pattern of mental strengths and weaknesses, potential causes of health symptoms and causes for personal development challenges.

These signatures allow us to make recommendations for neurofeedback brainwave training, meditations, supplements, diet and lifestyle personalized to your brain. Neurofeedback training is the quickest way to reverse dysfunctional signatures and optimize your brain.

What You Get

  • Identify your specific brain signatures

    Identify which of the primary 12 brain signatures you have which might be affecting your behavior, personality, mood and health or just holding you back and what you can do about them to dramatically change your life

  • Expert 1-1 Advice

    A 1 hour consultation with our brain experts to review your brain signature analysis, to answer your questions and help create your roadmap to maximize your potential.

  • Meditation Recommendations

    Get specific meditation technique recommendations so you don’t waste years trying different techniques or making brain imbalances worse with the wrong technique for your brain.

  • Brain Food Recommendations

    Find out which foods are best for your brain to balance your neurotransmitters and whether a dopamine, serotonin or GABA enhancing diets is best for you as well as dietary styles, meal timing to maximize your brain function

  • Brain Supplement Recommendations

    Get specific neuro-nutrition supplements targeted for your brain so you don’t waste thousands of dollars on supplements you don’t need.

  • Personalized Neurofeedback Protocols

    Get protocols protocols personalized to your brain so you can reach your goals in weeks vs. years of traditional meditation practices by directly training the brainwaves at home or at our centre

What You Can See

  • Why You Can't Relax Or 'Switch Off'

    An overactive cingulate and too much beta brainwave in the back of the brain make it hard to ‘switch off’ & cause sleep problems.

  • Why You Worry Or Feel Anxious

    High + fast Beta and more on the right than the left correlates with worry, anxiety + being unable to shut of thoughts.

  • Why You Feel 'Low' Or moody

    Low mood & depression correlate with high central alpha more alpha left frontally than the right side of the brain.

  • Why You Have Trouble Focusing

    Poor attention & focus and ADHD is correlated with a low posterior theta brainwave pattern

  • Why You Feel 'Burnt Out'

    Burnout syndrome stage 1-2 is associated with globally high voltage EEG

  • Why You Procrastinate

    Procrastination & Low Motivation is correlated with frontal alpha/theta frontal activity and high left frontal alpha waves

The 12 Brain Signatures

  • #1 Frontal Focus

    Poor attention & focus and ADHD is associated with High theta beta ratios in the frontal lobe.  

  • #2 Brainfog

    Low motivation, emotional control/balance and ‘brainfog’ are symptoms of low theta:alpha ratio in both frontal hemispheres.  

  • #3 Peak Alpha

    Mental fatigue, cognitive inefficiency and sluggish brain ‘pacemaker’ associated with slowed alpha brainwaves as well as metabolic issues from thyroid and adrenals

  • # 4. Resilience

    Low stress tolerance, low resilience, non-restorative sleep, toxic stress, trouble finding brain’s ‘off switch,’ poor immune response ie getting sick all the time.

  • #5 Alpha Back Brain

    More alpha in the front than in the back is associated with decreased mental clarity and slower cognition/brainfog and often seen in chronic fatigue, chronic lyme and fibromyalgia, burnout from stress.


  • #6 Beta Backwards Brain

    Worry, rumination, not able to turn off thoughts, difficulty relaxing and achieving peaceful mental states, trouble falling asleep easily, depleted GABA neurotransmitter


  • #7 Beta Balance

    Anxious depression symptoms if beta balance is off in frontal lobes, rumination, hyperarousal ‘brain anxiety’ symptoms, problems ‘shutting off’ and trouble relaxing/letting go.

  • #8 Alpha Balance

    Problems with motivation, waking up in the morning easily, low/depressed moods, food cravings for high serotonin foods and low mental energy

  • #9 Brain-Body Noise

    Overactive cingulate part of brain associated with high body tension combined with brain ‘on’ all the time, chronic headaches/tension pain syndromes, sleep problems, prone to anger/irritability, and ocd tendencies/perfectionism

  • #10 Brain Stress

    Blunted alpha response is generally associated with forgetfulness/poor memory/retention of information associated with toxic stress vs. high alpha response is a marker of high artistic ability/ creative aptitude


  • #11: Brain Sleep

    Slow alpha return when you open your eyes is associated with brain based sleep disturbance.

  • #12: ‘Under Task’

    When under cognitive load, making too much slow waves vs. fast waves in the frontal lobe means the harder you try to focus, the worse your concentration actually gets leading to inefficiency in work.

1 Hour Expert Consultation

In this 1 hour consultation you will get to review all your results with our highly trained experts.

There are many mystery behaviors, personality quirks, health conditions and barriers to peak mental performance that have confused or drained our clients for years without them getting answers for which we have been able to find a specific cause and recommend a specific course of action.

You will come away understanding yourself more completely than ever before with a very clear roadmap and plan for how you can fulfill your potential and become the best possible version of you.

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