Client Stories

" I feel like I found my joy for life again "

Janneke had 20 neurofeedback sessions over 2 weeks
to help with feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm

(Note: No client information, records or notes are ever made public without the express permission of the client. All information you see here has been reviewed by the client before publication.)

Janneke was a 31 year old female entrepreneur and business owner who came to Zen Brain Lab suffering with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm which were dramatically affecting her quality of life, preventing her from socializing fully and being able to relax and wind down.

After 20 sessions of training, over 2 weeks, she had a dramatic shift in mood, energy and confidence.

These positive changes are shown by the self assessments below we asked her to complete prior the training and at 3 month follow up.

Listen to her story below.

Janneke's Brain Scan Results

Initial Brain Scan + Analysis

Janneke's initial scan displayed 3 classic markers of brain stress and anxiety.


  1. Increased posterior Beta magnitude: More beta at the back than the front.
  2. Beta Asymmetry: More beta and high Beta magnitude on the right than on the left


3. There were also markers of extreme hyper connectivity on her eyes open analysis. (Hyper connectivity is an indicator of the brain trying to overcompensate for other deficits when under stress.)


The Neurofeedback Training Plan

Using the results of her 3D SLORETA brain analysis, which identifies deep brainstructures and brain regions which are outside normal ranges, we developed a neurofeedback protocol to train the following brain regions:

  • Parietal and frontal Lobe
  • Middle and Medial  Frontal gyrus
  • Post Cental Gyrus
  • Broadman areas 7, 11, 8, 9

These brain regions are involved with planning, reasoning, decision making, working memory and cognitive flexibility among other tasks.

We set an initial training plan of 10 sessions with 1 session a day, for 2 days to see how she responded to training. After the first 2 sessions went well, we proceeded to twice daily sessions.

In between sessions, Janneke was set a specific anti inflammatory, low allergen and a diet high in mitochondirlal co-factors and instructed to do nothing except rest, relax, listen to her personalized meditation program and allow her brain to reset and rebalance.

After 10 sessions, the client reported extremely positive results and decided to train another 10 sessions. At the end of 20 sessions, the client reported dramatic changes in energy, mood and a huge shift in happiness and enjoyment of socializing and connecting with new people. She also felt more connected to herself.

In the follow up brain analysis, big shifts were seen in the maps with normalization of the anxiety markers seen in the initial analysis.


Brain Magnitude

BEFORE Analysis

In the BEFORE training report, the posterior and right hand side of the brain beta and high beta is red, indicating high magnitude. 

AFTER Analysis

In the AFTER maps these areas are green, indicating the magnitude levels have normalized.

Brain Connectivity

BEFORE Analysis

In the BEFORE report above, all the connectivity measures are red, indicating an over connected brain. 

AFTER Analysis

In the AFTER analysis, most of the high beta connectivity has shifted to green, indicating normalization, and in the Beta maps, there has been some shift to green and some to lower connectivity, indicating the brain is reorganizing.

Detailed Symptom Tracking Progress

As you can see from the graphs below, some aspcts shift quicker and more than others. Janneke completed self assessments rating the severity of her symptoms prior to training, after 1 month and 2.5 months after her training.

Some aspects shifted dramatically quickly and continued to improve weeks after the training finished. Lack of social interest or social anxiety was of huge important to her and shifted dramatically. Her concentration did not shift too much after the initial training but after 2.5 months she saw a good improvement.

This is an example of how the brain continues to shift and reorganize logn after the training sessions have finished and we would expect them to continue to shift even after 6-12 months later.


Janneke was an excellent candidate for the neuroholistic healing program. Her main issues were:

  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Lack of social interest / overwhelm
  • Stress
  • Digestion problems

These are problems which have very specific brain signatures we can identify with a brain scan and respond very effectively to the program.

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