About ZenBrainLab

We Are A High Tech Wellness Company Centre in Bali. We Offer Personalized Healing Programs combining the best of ancient wisdom with modern science so you heal deeply, meditate deeper + perform at your mental peak

At ZenBrainLab, our mission is to help you connect more deeply with yourself and others by helping you to heal, deepen your meditation and perform in the modern world.

We do it by combining high tech brain imaging and brainwave-guided meditation (neuromeditation) with the ancient wisdom of traditional meditation, yogic practices and food as medicine personalized to you so you can connect deeper with yourself and rebalance brain, mind and body.

Neuro meditation or brainwave guided meditation using brainwave biosensors can help you reach deeper more elusive meditative states to deeply rejuvenate body and mind and supercharge your personal yoga/meditation practice.

Our Philosophy

We Love Trackable Transformation

We combine the best neuro-technology, brain imaging and neuromeditation with ancient practices & food as medicine. We believe in:

  • Trackable transformation with measurable gains
  • Combining science with soul
  • Experiencing altered states of consciousness and deep meditative states in a state of natural clarity without substances.

We Help You Overcome Health Issues Of Modern Life

We all get too much screen time which impacts dopamine, reward and motivation and our happy hormone, serotonin.

The daily low grade background stress from busy modern life affects our stress cortisol levels, causing the body’s fight or flight system to be constantly on.

This state of living keeps us feeling stressed, disconnected and suffering from many health issues in the body, mind and brain.  These issues are the result of years of living overstimulated and hyper-aroused all the time at a subtle level causing many of the following:

  • Low Energy & Chronic Fatigue
  • Low Mood
  • Poor Concentration
  • Hormone Balance & Digestion issues
  • Stress & Overwhelm
  • Anxiety, constant thoughts and ‘worry loops’
  • Non-restorative Sleep
  • Trouble meditating and ‘letting go’
  • Creativity blocks


We no longer have time to spend hours in contemplation and rarely experience other states of consciousness, especially without the assistance of substances.  Most people barely remember their dreams, let alone take time to unravel them and contemplate their meaning in waking life.

However, the reality is that we are also time poor + can’t spend hours a day meditating if you live in a city and have a job.  This is where modern technology can help instead of hurting us, by allowing us to tap into deep healing states and ‘brainhacking’ our modern overstimulated brains by talking to the brain directly using neuromeditation, something that is only recently possible.  

We all want to be happier, less stressed, more connected with ourselves and those around us in a fast moving world that is getting faster and doesn’t naturally support our best health or personal development.

How We Help You

You don’t have to spend hours a day meditating for years or live in a cave to reset and realign your brain and body and experience deeper states of clarity and meditation.

We use brainwave technology and neuromeditation specifically for your brain to guide you into deeply rejuvenating meditative states that normally take between 10-20 years of daily meditation practice to obtain with traditional methods alone.   This allows you to rewire brain patterns that are making you ‘stuck’ or causing fatigue, stress and physical and emotional barriers to living your best life.  

Neuromeditation works by using the brains’ natural ability to learn and change (called neuroplasticity) when given direct guidance of ‘what do to differently.’

This process involves wearing a biosensor headset that reads and then guides your brainwaves back towards balance and out of ‘stuck’ patterns.

It can supercharge your current meditation or mindbody practice and allow you to gain conscious control over brain and body processes that are usually unconscious so you can heal from the very issues too much technology, stress, toxins and screen time can create in modern life.

Why Bali?

Bali are now the #1 World yoga and Wellness Retreat Destinations and Ubud is fast becoming a world centre for the convergence of wellness, tech and digital nomads, hence the nickname ‘Silicon Bali’.

Bali has retained a traditional culture rich in meditation, natural healing & herbal medicine so it is a natural and perfect environment for escaping the world and taking time to learn to restore, reset and rebalance the mind, brain and body before returning to the modern world.