About Dr Dani

Dr Dani Gordon MD, CCFP, ABIHM is the co-founder of ZenBrainLab. She is a Canadian Medical Doctor, American Board certified in Integrative Medicine, specialist in Nutritional medicine, mind-body medicine, brain optimization + neurofeedback.

I am a Canadian Medical Doctor who specializes in Holistic Mindbody Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, neurofeedback brain training and Neuromeditation. Most people like you who find their way to me, have a long running chronic health problem causing deep dissatisfaction or unhappiness with life that western medicine has not been able to treat effectively. You have probably found some benefit from yoga and meditation and changing your diet and been really excited at your improvements but found the core issues keep coming back.. These issues that western medicine does not treat well are normally caused by a combination of chronic low grade stress, diet and nutritional deficiencies over years and decades which have resulted in long lasting changes and disruption to the the brain, nervous system and gut lining. These changes are causing your symptoms and are difficult to reverse.

I help people master their mindbody connection, rewire their brains and nervous systems and heal their digestion using the best of ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience with everything backed by evidence. My core purpose is to help you heal, connect more deeply with yourself and transform your life, energy and happiness, so you can become the best possible version of you.  I have worked directly with 1000s of patients and clients on 4 continents and reached millions more though my youtube channel and online wellness and mindbody training programs. I still maintain my medical license in Canada with a practise in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia and practise telemedicine for remote communities.

I started out almost a decade ago as a medical doctor with a belief the most powerful tool for healing and happiness lies not within a pill but within our own minds and brains.I spent months and years of study after becoming a medical doctor all over the world studying a variety of healing systems including mindbody medicine at Harvard, nutritional & functional medicine & yoga and meditation with 90 year old tantric Indian Gurus in Rishikesh, India.  In 2012 I became American Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM). This organization is the leading world organization for the advancement of evidence based natural medicine, and in a sign of the changes within mainstream medicine, in 2017 Integrative medicine was incorporated into the American Board of specialties alongside Internal medicine and Cardiology. I was one of the first physicians worldwide to receive this qualification.

The reason I became a doctor was because I loved the science of wellness & and I wanted to help people. When I was 20 years old, medical school seemed at the time the most obvious path do doing that. I was academically gifted and passionate about yoga and healthy eating and lifestyle, and I also had my own chronic health issues I wanted to sort out, related to my sinuses and getting sick al the time. What is probably shocking if you have ever been  to a western medical doctor is that healthy eating and lifestyle is not exactly on the curriculum! The empthasis is on pharmacuitical approaches to healing and there is next to zero exposure given to mindbody related healing modalitites that are still percieved as being fluffy and ‘alternative,’ despite the growing body of evidence.

In modern western medicine and modern life we have forgotten how to access deep states of meditation, lost connection with our body, our food, and often times our soul or ‘passion.’   Deepening these connections has transformed my life, helped me master my own fears and doubts and dramatically changed my perspective about the healing process. Over the years I have found that traditional meditation methods didn’t always work for many of my clients and unless I was on a meditation sabbatical or in India, I didn’t have hours a day to spend meditating.   I was hearing again and again from my clients that they really wanted to stick with meditation but they were unable to get the results they were seeking in a short enough time before giving up because modern life is busy.

Using clinical hypnotherapy recordings and targeted guided visualizations specific to goals and problems was the first method I used to dramatically speed up the healing time and enhance results with meditation.  Then I started getting into brain scanning  (QEEG), neuromeditation (alpha theta training) and brainwave training (neurofeedback) in 2013 and it changed EVERYTHING. When I introduced the brainwave training element into my programs and into my own life, I started seeing dramatic results I had never seen before.  I started lucid dreaming, resolving complex problems accessing deep states that before seemed ‘unsolvable’ and I became REALLY resilient to stress.  This is how neuromeditation has become a passion I knew I had to share with the world and eventually led to the creation of ZenBrainLab in Bali.