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You deserve a life you love. We are world leaders in using BRAIN BASED WELLNESS & neurofeedback brain training to increase your energy & mental performance, connect you more deeply with yourself & solve health issues pills can't fix. Start transforming your life today with a free brain audio training.

Brain Based Wellness & Neurofeedback For Modern Life

Hi. I'm Dr Dani.

I'm the co-founder of ZenBrainLab and the Creator of Brain Based Wellness.  It is the natural way for you to get more energy, become more resilient to stress, to mentally perform at your peak and overcome chronic health problems that mainstream medicine has no good answers for. Neurofeedback is the most powerful tool we have to help you transform your brain thanks to modern neuroscience and we use it to give you the best wellness plan specifically for your brain!

At Zen Brain Lab we use clinically proven programs combining neurofeedback, neuronutrition and brainmapping to directly help you rewire the brain and nervous system patterns that become dysregulated from the demands of modern life. This dysregulation is the leading cause of so many problems today from toxic stress and burnout, poor focus, brainfog, chronic anxiety and sleep issues and many more..... but western pill based medicine doesn't have effective tools for this problem.

If you are in Bali come and visit us or request us to visit your retreat centre!  If you are elsewhere, download our free brain medicine audio training mp3 so you can start transforming today. 

We look forward to helping you heal your body, transform your energy, happiness and mental performance naturally by starting with your brain!


Integrative & MindBody Medicine Physician

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Home Programs

Home Neurofeedback & Brain Based Wellness Program

The quickest and most powerful way to transform your brain. Our home program allows you to train unlimited neurofeedback sessions from the comfort of your own home.

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Mindbody Medicine Audio Training Program

This is a 16 week mp3 based program using clinically proven mindbody medicine training techniques to rewire the brain and nervous system so you can recover from burnout, toxic stress and heal from chronic health problems.

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Bali Neurofeedback Centre

Brainwave Signature Assessment

We use advanced QEEG technology to look for the 10 key brainwave signatures that allow you to understand yourself at a deep level, uncover root causes of health issues, see mental strengths and weaknesses to maximize your resilience with meditation, supplements, food, lifestyle and neurofeedback recommendations personalized to your brain.

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Neurofeedback Intensives

Neurofeedback training intensives at our Bali centre allow you to get dramatic results in a short period of time and at a fraction of the cost of other neurofeedback centres.

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Client Stories

" I Feel Like I Found
My Joy For Life Again "

Janneke came to us for help with feelings
of anxiety, stress and overwhelm that were
ruining her life. Watch her story.

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